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How did American Eagle Locksmith get started?

How did American Eagle Locksmith get started?

How did American Eagle Locksmith get started?

The founders of our company, Alan & Sandra Hale, started American Eagle Locksmith LLC from humble beginnings.

Alan always had a natural ability to tinker and fix just about anything. When he was young, he showed mechanical talent and interest in his uncle's side business of locksmithing. When his uncle retired, Alan bought his equipment and that's where he began as a locksmith in 1982.

Soon, he drew the attention of a large locksmith company in the Detroit metro area, American Lock 'n Key. That's where he worked perfecting his skills until 2009. Unfortunately, the economic collapse in our country hit Detroit hard.

Alan and his wife, Sandy, had been dreaming of retiring someday to the Smoky Mountains.

Their daughter, Kristie Spino, and her family had already made their move to the Asheville area several years before. So, it seemed like a logical time to move.

At the time, Alan and Sandy had no plans to start a business when they first arrived in North Carolina. After a brief time period, they realized that there was a great need in this area for an affordable, dependable, and professional locksmith.

They took their personal car and traded it in to get their first work vehicle in 2010. Next, they gathered enough capital for stock and equipment from the family. For a small period of time, Alan worked out of his new work van, but it wasn't long before Sandy started looking for a building to set up a good location for a shop.

In 2012 the family joined in the efforts and found a building for lease and hired their first employee in August of 2012. Then, the Grand Opening of the American Eagle Locksmith Shop was announced in October of 2012. Alan and Sandy thanked God for his many blessings in making this business a reality.

In recent years, Alan and Sandy have retired and turned over American Eagle Locksmith to their daughter, Kristie Spino. While the original owners have retired, their skills and lessons are being carried on. Alan's priceless knowledge of locks and safes continues to be used on a daily basis and there is a special quote that Sandy left for the employees to remember:

"If you think of our business as a form of service, you will love your customers and they will feel your love. Too many business owners and employees treat their customers like they are a bother. Be grateful for customers. They are how you feed your family. Try to always have a 'Yes!' attitude."

American Eagle Locksmith is proud to have come this far and looks forward to continuing to serve this community for many years to come.